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"A phenomenal guitar player and composer. It's indeed a pleasure to have Sergio on the show. His body of work carries some of my favorite songs to date."

Freddy Webber. "The Most Maple Morning" 88.1FM CKDU Halifax, N.S.

Sergio Mucino is a musician involved in different genres of music. Mainly an electric guitar player, he's focused most of his attention on rock music, but he is as involved and interested in other styles of music, such as orchestral compositions and electronic productions, which is evident in his different compositions.

He's been busy actively making music for 30 years now in many different contexts. These include solo projects, a long list of bands, commercial production, theater, video games and film.

His musical life has also taken him through different avenues of involvement, which include touring, composing, arranging, performing, and recording. Whether its for solo projects, collaborations, or contracted work, Sergio involves himself in every production with passion, commmitment, and professionalism.



Sergio Mucino is also involved in creating music for media production and similar markets. Whether it is music for libraries, licensing, video games, or film, Sergio can work in various genres to produce music that fits the media it accompanies, enhacing it to create an appropriate emotional response on the viewers.

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