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Interactive Media. Video Games. Film

Sergio Mucino has been involved in music for more than 20 years. Composer, arranger, and performer, he's a musician that strives for memorable themes and inspiring performances. Sergio keeps himself busy working for music publishers, artists looking for instrumentalists, film and video game producers, and with his own personal projects. Be it producing in his studio or playing live, Sergio's commitment and dedication remains unscathed since his first days as a musician.

For some examples of comissioned work, please visit
Sergio Mucino @ Premiumbeat

Being able to write and arrange for different music styles allows Sergio to find the right piece for every project. Whether live musicians or sequenced parts are needed, the idea is to find the right sounds to support the intended message, idea, or feeling trying to reach the audience. All this, in time, and within budget.

Demo Reel: Video Games Music Demo

Demo Reel: Full pieces playlist